Our Patriot Ancestors

Our chapter members' ancestors include many distinguished patriots, such as:

Below, you'll find a list of the Patriots associated with the current members of the Hollywood Chapter, NSDAR.

Whether you are just starting on your journey to discover your family roots or if you are only one document away from solving a mystery of one of your ancestors, the DAR is here to help. The DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) includes free online databases containing information on American Revolutionary War Patriot ancestors and descendants of those Patriots and a vast array of genealogical resources from the DAR Library!

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Our Patriot Ancestors

 Adams, Sr., Levi, CT, CPL Goe, William, PA, PS Robertson, Charles, NC, MAJ
 Admire, George, NC, CS PS Goodridge, George, VA, CS Rogers, Joshua, CT, PVT
 Ayer, Asa, MA, PVT Gregory, Thomas, VA, PVT Rounds, John, MD, PVT
 Barker, Isaac, RI, PS Grosvenor, Daniel, MA, MM PS Rounds, Samuel Hopkins, MD, CAPT
 Barksdale, Henry Hickerson, VA, SOL Harrell, Levi, SC, SOL Rush, Daniel, PA, PVT
 Bartlett, Samuel, MA, PS Hathaway, Arthur, MA, CPL Sanford, William, RI, SGT
 Bazemore, James, NC, PS Haught, Jr., Peter, VA, PVT PS Shambach, George, PA, PVT
 Bazemore, John, NC, PS Hayden, John, NJ, PVT Shepard, Robert, NC, PS
 Bigelow, Anna Fiske, MA, PS Holland, John, SC, NONCOM Shepard, William, VA, PVT
 Bishop, John, NJ, LT Hood, George, PA, PVT Smith, Anthony, VA, SOL PS
 Boston, Levin, MD, PVT Hornor, George, NJ, PS Smith, Jonas, PA, SOL
 Bray, Asa, CT, CAPT House, Matthias, VA, PS Smith, Stephen, SC, SOL
 Brown, John, NC, CAPT Huntley, Joel, VA, SOL PS Snyder, Ludwig, NY, PVT
 Browning, Edward, MD, PS Hutton, Moses, VA, COL Squire, Uriah, VA, PVT
 Browning, Nathan, MD, PVT James, Elisha, MA, PVT Stambach, Anna Christina Kuntz, PA, PS
 Burns, James, MD, SGT PS Jefferson, Thomas, VA, PS  SDI Starr, Johnathan, CT, PVT
 Buttrick, John, MA, COL Johnston, Martin, VA, PVT Stonebraker Sr, John Dietrich, PA, PS
 Camp, Israel, CT, PS Kidney, John, NJ, CAPT PS Stucky, Jr., John, PA, PVT PS
 Carothers, Robert, NC, SOL Lambeth, Moses, NC, PVT Sweet, Sylvester, RI, ENS
 Chubbuck, Sr., Ensign, NH, PS Lanier, Lewis, VA, SOL Tabb, Elizabeth Elliot, VA, PS
 Crampton, Neri, VT, PVT Larrison, John, PA, PS Talbot, Jr., Peter, MA, CAPT
 Cullum, Francis, MD, PVT PS Lawrence, Henry, VA, PVT Talbot, Sr., Peter, MA, CAPT
 Cushing, Sr., Caleb, MA, 1LT QM Lyman, Timothy, MA, LT Teagarden, Aaron, PA, PVT
 Doane, John, NC, PS Miller, James, VA, ENS CS PS Timmerman, Christopher, VA, PVT
 Douglas, Daniel, CT, CPL Mills, Nathaniel, VA, CAPT Tower, Jr., Malachi, MA, PVT
 Dugan, Lovell H, VA, PVT Moore, John, NC, PVT Van Fleet, Joshua/Joshaway, NY, PVT
 Elder, Samuel, SC, PVT Murray, Benjamin, CT, PVT Venable, Nathaniel, VA, PS
 Esselstyne, Coenradt, NY, PVT Nason, Edward, MA, PVT Wakefield, Samuel, MA, SGT
 Evans, William, NC, GA, PVT Nichols, Jonathan, NJ, SGT Walker, Gordon, MA, PVT
 Fedder, Conrad, PA, PVT Noecker, Christian, PA, PVT Warner, Asa, CT, PS
 Foote, George, NC, CS PS Paisley, John, NC, COL Wellington, Benjamin, MA, PVT CS PS
 Foster, Jedediah, MA, CS PS Parish, Jolley, VA, COL PS Wetzel, John, PA, VA, CAPT
 Foster, Theophilus, MA, PVT Passmore, Thomas, PA, PVT Wilder, Thomas, CT, SGT
 Fullen, James, VA, CS Pease, Cummings, CT, PVT Wilkins, Sr., Archibald, PA, PVT PS
 Gann, Nathan Ignatious, NC, LT Perkins, Simon, CT, LT Woodman, Sylvester, RI, PVT
 Gibbons, Thomas, NC, PS Peyton, James, VA, PVT Wright, Joseph, VA, PS
 Gibson, Nelson, NC, PS Pierce, Elisha, MA, PVT Yates, William, NJ, PS
 Gilliland, John, NJ, LT Roberts, Cornelius, VA, SOL  


 Glossary of United States, Country, and Patriot Service Abbreviations 


CT — Connecticut  NY — New York
DE — Delaware NC — North Carolina
GA — Georgia   PA — Pennsylvania
MD — Maryland  RI — Rhode Island
MA — Massachusetts SC — South Carolina
NH — New Hampshire VA — Virginia
NJ — New Jersey VT — Vermont



BGEN — Brigadier General NONCOM — Non-commissioned Officer
CAPT — Captain OF — Officer (rank unknown)
CS — Civil Service ORDLSGT — Orderly Sergeant
COL — Colonel POW — Prisoner of War
CPL — Corporal PS — Patriotic Service
ENS — Ensign PVT — Private
FIF — Fifer SEAMAN — Seaman
LT — Lieutenant SGT — Sergeant
LTCOL — Lieutenant Colonel SGT MAJ — Sergeant Major
1LT — First Lieutenant SOL — Soldier
2LT — Second Lieutenant STAFFOF — Staff Officer
MAJ — Major  


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